Caroline’s Cancer Journey Letter (With Permission From Caroline)

Caroline’s Cancer Journey Letter (With Permission From Caroline)

We just received this lovely letter from someone who has been supported in her journey by the Sanctuary…

Hi Craig, 

I wanted to wait until I had my final appointment at UCLH before writing to you.

I am cancer free for 5 years and considered cured. UCLH discharged me this afternoon! Happy happy day!

So the answer to your question, is yes, I have had healing, from you and Geoff. And I have felt both your strength with me the whole time.

During Lockdown, the meditation sessions were so important. A chance to connect with other people and to find solace in a stressful and confusing time for all.

Since I moved to Wales, in the middle of the second (or was it the third?) Lockdown, Feb 21, I have used the recorded meditation sessions frequently.

They have helped me find peace, find sleep, given me strength to get through the days and made me feel good.

Cobi Campbell’s Yoga Nidra has become regular practice for me. And Jane Sethi’s blue meditation is great for when I’m really stressed (less often than I used to be!).

I really like guided meditation. And your breathing ones are very helpful.

I often listen to other recordings on your website when I’m trying to relax before bedtime. The interviews are interesting too. The recordings also feel like a connection to the best bits of my old life in London and to old friends, never forgotten.

Now we are settled into our beautiful cottage in the mountains. I am getting to grips with the garden and growing lots of food.

I am now creating a peaceful space in my garden, not that it wasn’t peaceful enough already! I will send you a link to a video of it.

So thank you for giving me peace even though I am hundreds of miles away. You are locked into my heart forever.

Big Love



You can access the meditations and other tools HERE