“Meditation” by Dr. Brian Weiss is a profound exploration of the transformative power of meditation on the mind, body, and spirit. Dr. Weiss, a renowned psychiatrist and bestselling author, draws upon his extensive experience in psychotherapy and regression therapy to present a compelling case for the integration of meditation into daily life for holistic well-being.

The book begins by elucidating the fundamentals of meditation, providing accessible explanations of various techniques and their benefits. Dr. Weiss skillfully demystifies meditation, making it approachable even for beginners. He emphasises the importance of consistent practice and offers practical tips to cultivate a meaningful meditation routine.

What sets “Meditation” apart is Dr. Weiss’s unique perspective, informed by his work with patients undergoing past-life regressions. He explores how meditation can facilitate profound healing by accessing deep-seated traumas and unresolved issues stored in the subconscious mind. Through compelling case studies and anecdotes, he illustrates the therapeutic potential of meditation in resolving emotional wounds and promoting inner peace.

Dr. Weiss delves into the spiritual dimensions of meditation, touching upon themes of consciousness, interconnectedness, and higher realms of existence. He discusses how meditation can awaken dormant spiritual faculties, leading to profound insights and spiritual growth.

Throughout the book, Dr. Weiss infuses his writing with compassion, wisdom, and a genuine desire to empower readers on their spiritual journey. His words resonate with authenticity and sincerity, inviting readers to embark on a transformative exploration of self-discovery and inner peace.


“Meditation” by Dr. Brian Weiss is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to harness the power of meditation for personal growth, healing, and spiritual awakening. With its blend of practical guidance, profound insights, and compassionate wisdom, this book serves as a beacon of light on the path to inner transformation.