What is Absent and Distant Healing?

Absent or distant healing are forms of healing that do not include physical contact between the healer and recipient. The healer uses various techniques to send healing energy and intention to help in the healing process of the recipient, who may be located anywhere in the world.
Distant healing can be given using aspects of meditation, visualisation and other energy-based techniques and is a process that helps to balance and bring into harmony all aspects of the recipient – physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Absent healing usually is offered when a family member or friend is seeking healing for an individual that they believe is in need and where that person has not or is unable to ask for themselves. The process is the same as distant healing. Whilst we prefer that the intended recipient is aware of or has given permission to receive healing, it is not paramount, but we ask that you let us know.
These forms of healing should not be used in place of conventional medical treatments but to support and enhance.

Are Absent/Distant Healing and Hands-on-Healing different?

 Yes. And no! These are different practices, hands-on-healing involves the physical touch by and near the presence of a healer. Absent/distant healing are performed with no physical contact between the healer and the recipient and is usually facilitated by either telephone contact or a Zoom/Face Time connection between the healer and recipient delete. With hands-on healing, as with all healing the healer may use various techniques to facilitate healing that encourage a re-balancing and calming of the nervous system and assisting to find an inner quiet.

With absent healing, the healer uses intention, visualisation, energy and awareness to bring about healing to people wherever they may be. Healing by electronic link is as with hands-on but, obviously, without touch. We believe that all use the same ‘universal energy’.

These methods can be effective to promote healing for any number of mental, physical, and spiritual problems, reducing stress and enhancing overall well-being.

Absent/distant healing is mostly used for people who are not well enough to visit a healer or who live too far away and it has become generally felt amongst healers that linking with clients in this way has proved effective. Naturally it does not provide the benefits of touch but this is countered by recipients not having had to travel and that they can relax in the comfort and familiarity of their own home.

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“Absent healing was requested for Mr….. To let all know that he recovered from a threatening thrombosis and his other condition stabilised. Thank you so much for your help”


How do I arrange an Absent Healing session?

Please contact us by emailing absenth@sylvanhealing.org with the following information:

1. Your name
2. Your email address (so that we can acknowledge your request)
3. The name of the person for whom you are requesting absent healing (if the request isn’t for you)
4. Their age
5. Their abbreviated address (City & Postcode is fine)
6. The reason why they need absent healing for (very brief please)
7. Do you have their consent to ask for absent healing? (this is very important as neither you nor we would not want to do anything that may be against the person’s wishes)

What Takes place?

Once we receive your email, your request is added to our absent healing list.
It will then be included within our healing practice.
We will send an email to you to acknowledge your request.

What do I have to do?

In reality nothing, you have played your part by asking. However, if you feel so inclined, find a quiet space in the comfort of your home, connect with the healing process and add your own healing thoughts either for yourself or for another.


“So many thanks to Spirit. My daughter was so very, very ill last month and it can only be thanks to healing that her recovery has been so speedy – faster than we could possibly have imagined. Thank you”