We are delighted to share these recordings as a course of Buddhist and “Sufi” meditation, hosted by Feroze Dada.

This is a free course, but if you are able to make a donation, however small, it would be greatly appreciated as it is only by these that we are able to continue to give healing to all those in need.

Buddhist Ana panna (respiration)

Once the breath awareness is mastered the mind becomes calm and free of thoughts and takes us to the place of emptiness and of intense peace. With a focused, clean and peaceful mind comes a greater level of awareness and comprehension.

“Sufi” meditation)

“The energy of Dhikr is the path to the inner sacred world of the soul”

Whilst, it is generally thought that the human body contains only one subtle centre of consciousness which is the mind or brain, the Sufis, through their spiritual experiences, discovered additional centres of inner senses which are referred to as lata’if (chakras).

The practice of Dhikr “Breath of Allah” meditation, awakens these subtle senses and enables us to become more intuitive, and perceptive of the truth of our existence.

Feroze Dada is the founder of The Inle Trust Charity. https://www.inletrust.org.uk/

“My grandson was born with six major heart defects. His life so far has been filled with seeing doctors and he spent six months in a kind of limbo after the last operation. Spirit were working on him – of that I have no doubt. A breakthrough occurred and he is now lively, filled with joy and progressing well. I cannot thank Spirit enough”


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“So many thanks to Spirit. My daughter was so very, very ill last month and it can only be thanks to healing that her recovery has been so speedy – faster than we could possibly have imagined. Thank you”