Unlock the Potential of Absent Healing: A Compassionate Approach to Complementing Your Healthcare

Unlock the Potential of Absent Healing: A Compassionate Approach to Complementing Your Healthcare

Discovering Hope in Unexpected Places

In the bustling rhythm of life, especially when facing health challenges that conventional medicine struggles to resolve, it can feel like you’ve exhausted all options. But what if there was a gentle, loving pathway that could enhance your well-being without interfering with your existing care? This is where absent healing steps in—a profound yet subtle practice that offers hope and healing, even from a distance.

Understanding Absent Healing: More Than Just a Last Resort

Absent healing, often misunderstood, involves directing healing energy towards an individual, regardless of their physical location. It’s a practice rooted in the belief that energy transcends space and time, enabling healing to occur at a distance. Perfect for those who find travel difficult or are seeking additional support outside conventional healthcare avenues.

The Science Behind the Serenity Recent studies have begun to explore how distant healing interventions can influence health outcomes, with many pointing towards positive effects on both physical and emotional states. While the mechanisms remain a topic of ongoing research, the anecdotal successes provide compelling narratives for those seeking solace and solutions beyond traditional medical care.

Why Consider Absent Healing?

  • Accessibility: Access healing from the comfort of your home, is especially beneficial for those who cannot travel.
  • Complementary Practice: Intended to support, not replace, the medical advice and treatments provided by your healthcare professionals.
  • Empowerment: Offers a proactive way to contribute to your own or a loved one’s healing process.


Empathetic Healing When You Need It Most

We understand that turning to absent healing might come after many avenues have been explored. Here at Sylvan Healing Sanctuary, located in the heart of London (You do not need to visit us for Absent Healing), we offer our energy healing services on a donation basis, ensuring that no one is turned away due to financial constraints. Our approach is gentle and rooted in a deep desire to offer hope and healing to those who feel they have nowhere else to turn.

A Gentle Invitation to Try Absent Healing

Trying something new, especially in times of distress, requires courage and trust. We recognise the leap of faith involved and respect the emotional and physical journey you or your loved ones are undergoing. We invite you to experience the potential of absent healing—without any financial obligation.

Our services are driven by donations, meaning you can contribute what you feel is right for your financial situation.

How to Begin Your Journey with Absent Healing

Starting is simple:

  1. Reach Out: Contact us through this website or call us directly. Our compassionate team is here to listen and guide you.
  2. Set Your Intentions: Share your healing goals with us, and together, we’ll craft a plan that respects your current healthcare arrangements.
  3. Experience Healing: Engage in the process from your own space, at a time that suits you best.


A Pathway to Peace and Possibility.  Absent healing offers more than just relief; it offers a new perspective on wellness and recovery. At Sylvan Healing Sanctuary, we’re committed to providing a safe, respectful, and loving environment where every individual’s journey to health is honoured. You’ve got nothing to lose by giving hope a chance.

Contact info@sylvanhealing.org to book your (or someone else’s, with their consent) absent healing now.


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Your Body (the gut) Responds 60,000 times faster than the Brain!  MARIA WRIGHT-NOVAKOVIC, The Healer, the How and the Why. #56

Your Body (the gut) Responds 60,000 times faster than the Brain! MARIA WRIGHT-NOVAKOVIC, The Healer, the How and the Why. #56

Today we interview Maria Wright-Novakovic.

Maria is a very experienced practitioner offering Biomechanical Emotional Therapy – a combination of her many years of training and practice in a wide variety of disciplines such including soft tissue, visceral, fascial, emotional, energetic work.

Listen as I discover what Biomechanical Emotional Therapy is, how it works and who it can help.

We also discuss how to allow your body to speak and be heard, coming home to your self, energy ‘heat spots’ in healing, ecological Doctors.

As Maria says, “You don’t know what you don’t know so wake up and engage!”

You can find Maria:


07801 945940






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This is our 56th Podcast episode but the fifth in our series ‘The Healer, The How And The Why’ where we explore energy healers, their journey and how they feel their work is changing the lives of the people they help.

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Book Review: “The Power of the Spoken Word” by Florence Scovel Shinn

Book Review: “The Power of the Spoken Word” by Florence Scovel Shinn

Some books remain valuable over time, teaching us important lessons about how to live better lives. “The Power of the Spoken Word” by Florence Scovel Shinn is one such book. It shows us how the things we say can change our lives, which is an idea that fits perfectly with energy healing.

Florence Scovel Shinn was a leading thinker in the early 20th century. She believed that the words we speak are powerful tools that can create happiness, success, and health. This idea is very similar to energy healing, where healing is thought to occur when energy within our body is balanced and positive.

Shinn teaches us that by speaking positively, we can shape our own lives. This is a central belief in energy healing too, which suggests that positive words can improve the energy fields around our body, helping both our minds and bodies feel better.

The book is filled with practical tips on how to use words to improve your life. For anyone involved in energy healing, these tips show how spoken words can be powerful tools for healing. For example, Shinn encourages the use of positive affirmations like “Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better”. Such positive statements can help improve one’s outlook, which is an important part of recovery in energy healing.

Shinn also talks about the law of attraction—the idea that like attracts like. She explains how expressing gratitude through our words can increase our ability to heal and to attract good things into our lives. These concepts are very helpful for people practicing energy healing.

“Every word we say is like a brushstroke in the painting of our lives,” writes Shinn. This is a lovely way of reminding us that our words have power—they can hurt or heal, bring darkness or light. It is up to us to choose words that heal, that bring joy to ourselves and others.

“The Power of the Spoken Word” is more than just a book. It is a helpful tool for anyone looking to bring more positivity into their life. It shows us that our words can truly shape our world. Let’s use them to heal and to help others.

We, as a charity focused on energy healing, encourage you to discover how energy healing can help you. Whether you are looking for physical, emotional, or spiritual healing, the methods we use, inspired by thinkers like Florence Scovel Shinn, can offer peace and recovery. Consider booking a session with us or supporting our work through donations. By doing so, you help yourself and also extend healing to others who need it.

Please join us in promoting healing and positivity. To learn more or to book a session, get in touch. Start your journey towards a happier, healthier life today with the right words.



Book Review: “Meditation” by Dr. Brian Weiss

Book Review: “Meditation” by Dr. Brian Weiss

“Meditation” by Dr. Brian Weiss is a profound exploration of the transformative power of meditation on the mind, body, and spirit. Dr. Weiss, a renowned psychiatrist and bestselling author, draws upon his extensive experience in psychotherapy and regression therapy to present a compelling case for the integration of meditation into daily life for holistic well-being.

The book begins by elucidating the fundamentals of meditation, providing accessible explanations of various techniques and their benefits. Dr. Weiss skillfully demystifies meditation, making it approachable even for beginners. He emphasises the importance of consistent practice and offers practical tips to cultivate a meaningful meditation routine.

What sets “Meditation” apart is Dr. Weiss’s unique perspective, informed by his work with patients undergoing past-life regressions. He explores how meditation can facilitate profound healing by accessing deep-seated traumas and unresolved issues stored in the subconscious mind. Through compelling case studies and anecdotes, he illustrates the therapeutic potential of meditation in resolving emotional wounds and promoting inner peace.

Dr. Weiss delves into the spiritual dimensions of meditation, touching upon themes of consciousness, interconnectedness, and higher realms of existence. He discusses how meditation can awaken dormant spiritual faculties, leading to profound insights and spiritual growth.

Throughout the book, Dr. Weiss infuses his writing with compassion, wisdom, and a genuine desire to empower readers on their spiritual journey. His words resonate with authenticity and sincerity, inviting readers to embark on a transformative exploration of self-discovery and inner peace.


“Meditation” by Dr. Brian Weiss is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to harness the power of meditation for personal growth, healing, and spiritual awakening. With its blend of practical guidance, profound insights, and compassionate wisdom, this book serves as a beacon of light on the path to inner transformation.

Linda Bishopp, Psychotherapist and Healer. The Healer, the How and the Why. #54

Linda Bishopp, Psychotherapist and Healer. The Healer, the How and the Why. #54

Today we interview Linda Bishopp and hear her Energy Healing story and how it integrates with her Therapy Practice.

Linda is a Jungian Psychotherapist, Integrative Counsellor, Intuitive Coach, Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master and Thought Field Therapist. She uses any and all of these modalities, in combination or singly, to best help people. She has supported people in their personal development, self-awareness, spiritual awareness and healing for over 30 years and has worked with people who have experienced deep trauma and are going through a major change in their life, including such things as divorce, the ageing process, redundancy and terminal illness, who are seeking to come to terms with sexual and psychological abuse and rape, eating disorders, bereavement and loss, societal disadvantages, domestic abuse and addictions. Listen as Linda gives very thoughtful insights into the link between our energies and our mind-health.


You can find Linda here: https://lindabishopp.co.uk/ 


Watch Now:

This is our 54th Podcast episode but the fourth in our series ‘The Healer, The How And The Why’ where we explore energy healers, their journey and how they feel their work is changing the lives of the people they help.

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The Healing Power of Absent Healing and Spiritual Development For Low Incomes

The Healing Power of Absent Healing and Spiritual Development For Low Incomes

In a world where stress and illness often go hand in hand, the quest for healing takes on various forms. For those seeking solace beyond conventional medicine, absent healing becomes a symbol of hope.

This ethereal practice, often associated with spiritual development, offers comfort and relief to many. Explore the profound essence of absent healing, its implications for spiritual growth, and its accessibility through our charitable initiatives.

Absent healing, also known as distant healing or remote healing, operates on the principle that energy knows no bounds. Unlike conventional medicine, which relies on physical contact, absent healing transcends spatial limitations. Practitioners harness the power of intention, channelling positive energy to individuals regardless of their physical proximity.  At its core, absent healing embodies the belief that the human body possesses an innate ability to heal itself when supported by the right energy. By directing healing intentions towards a recipient, practitioners aim to restore balance and vitality to their being. This holistic approach acknowledges the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, recognising the profound impact of energetic influences on one’s well-being.

The Process of Absent Healing: The practice of absent healing unfolds through a series of intentional steps, guided by compassion and empathy. Whether performed individually or in group settings, the process typically involves:

  1. Setting Intentions: Practitioners cultivate a state of focused intention, aligning their thoughts and emotions with the desired outcome of healing.
  2. Visualisation: Through visualisation techniques, practitioners envision the recipient surrounded by healing light or enveloped in a cocoon of positive energy. This imagery serves to amplify the healing intentions and create a conducive environment for transformation.
  3. Sending Healing Energy: With utmost sincerity, practitioners direct healing energy towards the recipient, trusting in the universal flow of benevolent forces to facilitate healing on all levels – physical, emotional, and spiritual.
  4. Trusting the Process: After sending healing intentions, practitioners relinquish attachment to the outcome, surrendering to the wisdom of the universe. Trust and faith play pivotal roles in the efficacy of absent healing, fostering a sense of divine intervention beyond human comprehension.


Beyond its tangible effects on physical health, absent healing catalyses spiritual development. Through the practice of channelling healing energy, practitioners deepen their connection to the divine and cultivate a profound sense of empathy and compassion. This spiritual evolution transcends individual healing sessions, permeating every aspect of one’s existence.

By embracing the principles of absent healing, individuals go on a transformative journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. They awaken to the interconnectedness of all beings and recognise their role as co-creators of reality. In the realm of spiritual development, absent healing serves as a powerful tool for inner alchemy, inviting practitioners to align with their highest purpose and contribute to the collective evolution of consciousness.

To make absent healing accessible to all our dedication to spiritual development has emerged. We recognize the inherent value of healing energy and strive to offer our services to those in need, regardless of financial constraints.

Through our compassionate outreach efforts, we provide absent healing sessions to individuals low on income, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to experience the transformative power of spiritual healing. Our commitment to inclusivity and affordability exemplifies the true essence of altruism and service.

Numerous anecdotal accounts attest to the efficacy of absent healing in facilitating profound healing experiences. One notable example is the story of ‘James’, who suffered from chronic pain for years with little relief from conventional treatments. After receiving absent healing sessions from a group of dedicated practitioners, ‘James’ reported a significant reduction in pain and an overall improvement in their quality of life. This remarkable testimonial underscores the transformative potential of absent healing in addressing chronic ailments.

While the empirical evidence on absent healing remains limited, several studies have explored its potential impact on health outcomes. One notable study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine examined the effects of absent healing on patients undergoing cardiac surgery. The results revealed a significant reduction in postoperative complications and a shorter hospital stay among patients who received absent healing interventions. While further research is warranted, these findings offer promising insights into the therapeutic benefits of absent healing.

In a world surrounded by physical and emotional ailments, absent healing emerges as hope, offering solace and relief to those in need. Through the power of intention and compassion, practitioners of absent healing facilitate profound transformations in the lives of individuals, nurturing their spiritual growth and holistic well-being. Charitable initiatives dedicated to spiritual development ensure that absent healing remains accessible to all, embodying the true essence of altruism and service. As we continue to explore the mysteries of energy healing, let us embrace the profound wisdom that lies within and embark on a journey of healing and spiritual evolution together.


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