Energy Balancing Therapy 6-Part Course

Energy Balancing Therapy 6-Part Course

Online via Zoom

Fees are £125.00 per person

with a limited number of bursaries available. Places are limited to a maximum of 12/14 people for the benefit of a quiet and safe working space so please book soon.

I have a question for you: –

Ever experienced waking up and feeling great, looking forward to the day then 20 minutes on the tube or being bombarded with questions and feeling completely drained? Or how about going to the supermarket or shopping centre and wanting to run out after 30 minutes?

Even, Can you remember how many times people said that you are too sensitive, and you should toughen up?

In my opinion, you have not yet learnt how to find balance for yourself or have the tools to take care of being sensitive to energy. This course will aim to address this issue and support you to find your own inner harmony, to gain confidence in your own ability to self-heal and give you the tools that help.

Energy Balancing Therapy works on the principle that the human body is surrounded by and composed of energy fields; and disturbances or imbalances in these energy fields can contribute to physical, mental, and emotional ailments. The purpose of Energy Balancing Therapy is to restore and harmonise the flow of energy, promoting overall well-being and supporting the body’s natural healing processes.

Energy Balancing Therapy (EBT) is an holistic approach that focuses on restoring and harmonising the flow of energy in the body to promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

In this six-part course, you will learn the foundational principles and techniques of Energy Balancing Therapy. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises, you will develop the skills necessary to identify and reflect upon personal imbalances and apply various energy balancing techniques to facilitate healing and inner harmony.

What does it mean ‘personal imbalances? I believe that living in this fast-paced industrialised world we lack time for ourselves, time to breathe, time to reflect, even a time to find a way to regroup and rebalance the parts of ourselves that have been pulled in different directions.

Event Dates:

7.00 pm Thursday evenings. Each segment will be between two and two and a half hours. Ending between 9.00 pm and 9.30 pm.

5 October

12 October

19 October

26 October

2 November

9 November

Who should attend? Any self-reflective and curious person that has an interest in their quality of life can join.

Prerequisites: There are no specific prerequisites for this course. However, a genuine interest in holistic healing, wellness, and an open mind are recommended.

When? The course is being held online each week on a Thursday, commencing on the 5th of October 2023 via a Zoom connection.

How could EBT assist in your wellbeing?
Fostering awareness and resilience.

Supporting Stress Reduction.

Engaging with Emotional Wellbeing.

Improving vitality and energy.

Improving vitality and energy.

Promoting self-care rituals.

Synthesis of mind-body connectedness.

Simply learning to be.

This course is based upon six weeks of practice and discussion with space to integrate internally each step.


What does this mean “integrate internally”: we live in a doing world, time focused, goal orientated, how often do we rest and notice how we feel and what we sense, often this is given a fleeting if not passing thought.

In this course, we plan to feel and understand how an off-focus way of seeing can assist with our general well-being. The aim of this course is to find ways to accept and integrate tools to open and be within us in a compassionate and respectful way.

Each module will comprise a discussion that introduces key concepts, theories, or techniques. We will use visual aids, diagrams, or multimedia presentations to enhance understanding when necessary.

We will encourage you to engage in online discussions, share your experiences, and ask questions to foster a sense of community and support.

Through the modules, we will Invite experienced energy healing practitioners to share their expertise and demonstrate different techniques.

What do I need?

Loose fitting clothes

Pad of paper and a pen

Good stable Internet connection

Easy access to listening.


A sense of self-respect

Course Contents

Whilst some of EBT is based upon the threads of known experiences it is the weaving together of simple and easy to follow tools that are the bedrock of EBT.

Module 1- What benefits can EBT have in daily lives.

– Understanding energy and its significance in holistic healing

– Exploring the human energy system (chakras, meridians, auras)

– Practicum

– Understanding, Thinking, and Questioning.

Module 2: Energy Balancing Techniques

– Clearing and grounding techniques to establish a strong foundation

– Techniques for balancing (noticing and being aware of chakras, meridians, and auras)

– Introduction to energy balancing

– Homeostasis.

Module 3: Energy Assessment Techniques

– Energy balancing for stress reduction and relaxation

– Practical Applications

– Verbal and non-verbal cues

– Addressing awareness of physical and emotional conditions through energy balancing therapy

Module 4: Practical Applications

– intuitive touch techniques

– Identifying energy blockages and imbalances

– Developing/Listening sensitively to subtle energy cues

Module 5: Self-Care

– Self-care practices; the quiet phase

– Developing a supportive network.

Module 6: Practice and Conclusion

– Reviewing and refining energy balancing skills.

– Creating personalised energy balancing protocols.

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The choice for each person engaging with this course is:

Do you want to learn a different way of living within yourself?

Moshe Feldenkrais, a founding father of ‘Body Work Therapy said: –

Nothing is permanent about our behaviour patterns except our belief that they are so


Craig Rebuck is a well versed and experienced Energy practitioner with over 30 years practical experience with different “mind, body and spirit “trainings.

Craig bases most of his work on experiential results whereby each of the modules have sound practical and well supported results with many different clients over years.

There will be supportive and creative practitioners joining and facilitating the course.

Celestial Whispers: Unveiling the Synchronicity of Life’s Messages

Celestial Whispers: Unveiling the Synchronicity of Life’s Messages

Funny how life sends the same information in different ways and from completely different directions at the same time, colliding like a shout “LOOK AT THIS”

That’s exactly what happened just recently….and unusually I was listening (this time)

Let me explain, In a new shift in my long-term education (my whole life, its roles and its journey, as in my life’s journey (not to the shops etc))

I was investigating the later parts of the course I have committed to (an MSc in Body Psychotherapy and Body Psychology, mainly to see what else I can learn) I came across the work of a Japanese Psychotherapist called; –

Shona Morita, the founding father of Morita Psychotherapy and their use of the Japanese word Ikigai.

All strange words I know, yet having always been fascinated with Japan its history, culture and skills. I decided to look a little further into this work, I must say more so on the process of Psychotherapy. Yet the word Ikigai kept popping up in the writing and the simplicity of the principle of how the Japanese integrate the word Ikigai into their lives in fact it really is a central part of their lives.
So it’s at this point that I could explain the meaning and the concept of Ikigai and what it could mean to you and for you and how you could integrate this into your lives. Then of course I could suggest that you check it out for yourselves as this in its own way would be part of your learning. ( I know…mean…but if I tell you it won t have the same sense of discovery for you)

Back to the SHOUT OUT, I hadn’t at this point really looked into the word and its deeper meaning, maybe I wasn’t really listening!! Anyway along came my Birthday and one of the presents was a book ( chosen at random by my daughter (totally at random but something she thought I might like ) and without any knowledge of my interest in the above)) it is called Ikigai The Japanese Secret of a Long and Happy Life. (Garcia and Moralles)

I know that she didn’t have an awareness of my interest because I asked!! She thought I would be interested and was blown away ( so was I ) by the Serendipity of the event. Here it is the same word and experience pop up right in front of me and from two different and unconnected ( except me!!) places….within days!!!

So naturally I had to listen and read the book, short and easy and would really suggest the book for you to pick out some interesting points of learning.

It then brings even more into focus the course that I will be running from late September entitled “ Energy Balancing Therapy” a short course on restoring and harmonising the flow of energy in the body to promote physical mental and emotional well-being.

I have long been looking at flow and the relationship of the integration of mind, body and spirit. The shout-out is that there are long and short processes to learning to take care of yourself. Look into Ikigai and Morita Therapy or even wait until you are ready to explore your needs. You could if you want join the short course and learn the 10 tools that could help you to find inner balance.

When I started writing this I hadn’t intended this to be a sell but much more of how our world is working and if you are reading this, not a coincidence, you have an interest, you are tuned in and somehow you have found yourself curious.

Our emotional and intuitive world is becoming louder and louder, and having spent so many years (34 to be precise) learning and listening, I think I can assist you with your awareness and learning, so I look forward to meeting you sometime.


Caroline’s Cancer Journey Letter (With Permission From Caroline)

Caroline’s Cancer Journey Letter (With Permission From Caroline)

We just received this lovely letter from someone who has been supported in her journey by the Sanctuary…

Hi Craig, 

I wanted to wait until I had my final appointment at UCLH before writing to you.

I am cancer free for 5 years and considered cured. UCLH discharged me this afternoon! Happy happy day!

So the answer to your question, is yes, I have had healing, from you and Geoff. And I have felt both your strength with me the whole time.

During Lockdown, the meditation sessions were so important. A chance to connect with other people and to find solace in a stressful and confusing time for all.

Since I moved to Wales, in the middle of the second (or was it the third?) Lockdown, Feb 21, I have used the recorded meditation sessions frequently.

They have helped me find peace, find sleep, given me strength to get through the days and made me feel good.

Cobi Campbell’s Yoga Nidra has become regular practice for me. And Jane Sethi’s blue meditation is great for when I’m really stressed (less often than I used to be!).

I really like guided meditation. And your breathing ones are very helpful.

I often listen to other recordings on your website when I’m trying to relax before bedtime. The interviews are interesting too. The recordings also feel like a connection to the best bits of my old life in London and to old friends, never forgotten.

Now we are settled into our beautiful cottage in the mountains. I am getting to grips with the garden and growing lots of food.

I am now creating a peaceful space in my garden, not that it wasn’t peaceful enough already! I will send you a link to a video of it.

So thank you for giving me peace even though I am hundreds of miles away. You are locked into my heart forever.

Big Love



You can access the meditations and other tools HERE

Episode 46 – Free Will?

Episode 46 – Free Will?

A discussion between Craig River and Feroze Dada. Both Craig and Feroze work on behalf of Sylvan Healing Sanctuary.

The discussion revolves around the topic of free will. They begin by acknowledging the complexity and simplicity of the concept of free will and invite viewers to share their thoughts on whether the discussions should focus more on spirituality or pragmatism.

Feroze raises the question of the extent to which individuals can truly express their free will in society. He suggests three interpretations: societal free will, individual choices, and the free will of the soul’s journey. He emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and sending positive thoughts to those living under oppressive conditions, as freedom is not equally experienced worldwide.

Craig adds that while society often presents a predefined path, individuals still have personal choices in their day-to-day lives. He introduces the concept of a soul’s journey with bus stops along the way, where individuals can choose to get on or off the path and explore different experiences. However, he notes that ultimately, individuals must follow the path and learn the lessons of their journey.

The discussion then delves deeper into the question of whether individuals can express their free will without having a plan or a sense of purpose. Feroze suggests that having a plan or destiny provides a framework for exercising free will and learning life’s lessons. Craig agrees and adds that the lessons encompass relationships, actions, and responsibility towards oneself and others.

They continue by discussing the restrictions and control imposed by society, acknowledging the increased monitoring and surveillance. Feroze shares a personal anecdote about a friend from Burma who felt a sense of freedom despite living as a fugitive. They conclude that while societal restrictions exist, the lessons and growth derived from personal choices and actions are significant.

Transcript (Auto-generated)

Craig Rebuck:
Good morning and welcome to the next in our series of discussions between myself, Craig Rebuck, and Feroze Dada. I and Feroze both work on behalf of our new logo, the backgrounds for the Sylvan Healing Sanctuary. Today’s topic is entitled “Free Will.” Let’s see where this discussion goes.

Feroze: I want to continue the conversation we were having before this program, which is whether these talks are more spiritual or pragmatic. It would be interesting to know the viewers’ input on this matter.

Craig: Let’s talk about free will. Are we really free in this society? There are different interpretations of free will: societal free will, individual choices as a human being, and the free will of our soul’s journey. I am blessed to be living in a pretty democratic country where I have the freedom to do what I want. Oppression is not a pleasant thing to experience. Then there are life choices, the personal choices we make every day. And finally, there’s the soul’s journey, where we have choices but ultimately need to follow a path.

Feroze: Is it right to express free will without having a plan? Do people need to know their purpose or plan to begin exercising their free will?

Craig: It’s not as simple as just having a plan. Lessons in life come from our actions, reactions, and responsibility to ourselves and others. We are restricted and controlled in society, and our freedom is limited. However, there are moments when we can experience a sense of freedom, like lying on a beach and losing track of time. So, we do have some freedom, but it’s restricted.

Feroze: Many people believe that destiny is everything and that there’s no need to exert much effort. They think that everything is predestined. What do you think?

Craig: We are talking about the tension of opposites. There is a guiding direction, a set of plans, but we still have to live day to day. Some people give up their choices to follow a larger manifest. Monastic life, for example, is a choice made to devote oneself. Is it a choice or a listening to their inner journey?

Feroze: I believe that free will and destiny are not opposites. They are like shades of light. As you exercise your free will, destiny comes closer. Destiny is not waiting for things to happen; it is your destination on the journey of free will.

Craig: We are saying the same thing but in a slightly different way. It’s easier to see them as the same and create a smoother journey. You have to act to bring destiny closer.

Craig: So, can you define what you mean by exercising your free will, meaning taking action and making choices?

Feroze: Yes, absolutely. By exercising free will, I mean actively making choices and taking actions in our lives. It’s about being proactive and not just letting life happen to us. It’s about having a plan, a direction, or a destination in mind and making conscious decisions to move towards it.

Craig Rebuck: I see what you’re saying. So, it’s about having a sense of purpose and knowing what we want to achieve, and then using our free will to make choices that align with that purpose.

Feroze Dada: Exactly. Having a plan or a sense of purpose gives us a framework within which we can exercise our free will. It provides guidance and direction. It doesn’t mean that we’re restricted or confined, but rather it gives us a roadmap to follow while still allowing for flexibility and growth.

Craig Rebuck: I agree. Having a plan doesn’t limit our free will; it actually empowers it. It gives us a structure within which we can make choices and take actions that are in line with our desires and aspirations. It allows us to navigate our journey with intention and purpose.

Feroze Dada: Absolutely. And it’s important to remember that life is a combination of both destiny and free will. The circumstances and the cards we are dealt with can influence our journey, but how we choose to play those cards is up to us. We have the power to shape our own lives through our actions and decisions.

Craig Rebuck: I couldn’t agree more. Destiny may set the stage, but it’s our free will that determines how we perform and what outcomes we achieve. It’s about finding the balance between embracing the path that life unfolds for us and actively shaping that path through our choices.

Feroze Dada: Precisely. It’s about realizing that we have the ability to co-create our reality. We can’t control everything, but we can make the most of the opportunities presented to us and use our free will to make a positive impact on our lives and the lives of others.

Craig Rebuck: Well said, Feroze. It seems we’re both aligned in our understanding of the interplay between free will and destiny. It’s a complex and fascinating topic that requires deeper exploration, but I believe we’ve touched upon some important aspects today.

Feroze Dada: Absolutely, Craig. It has been an enriching discussion, and I hope our viewers find value in our perspectives. Free will and destiny are profound concepts that shape our existence, and understanding their dynamics can lead to a more conscious and purposeful life.

Craig Rebuck: I couldn’t agree more. Thank you for sharing your insights and engaging in this thought-provoking conversation, Feroze. It has been a pleasure discussing these topics with you.

Feroze Dada: Thank you, Craig. The pleasure is mine. I look forward to our future discussions and the opportunity to delve deeper into these fascinating subjects.