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Sylvan presents a series of three informal conversations between Craig Rebuck and Feroze Dada.  Most people will know or know of both, Craig as healer, medium, teacher and Feldenkrais practitioner and Feroze as a teacher of meditation breath work and who has much spiritual knowledge.  They cover aspects of many subjects often discussed by those seeking a path to a better, calmer, more healthy and more spiritual way of life. We hope that you will find each of these debates interesting and thought-provoking.


The first of these conversations is entitled “A Conversation on Spirituality” and each explains his understanding of spirituality.  They discuss a view that the search for spirituality is thought by many to be a struggle but that it can be found simply in the joys of nature and many other moving, joyous situations.  There is a quote that ‘spirituality is a sense of ‘something else’ independent of religion’.

Craig and Feroze discuss their understandings of the term, expressing that it could be described as the awakening of something special inside of oneself.  They go on to discuss finding one’s spirituality, the importance of silence and humility as a route to one’s inner self and listening to the inner voice.  The discussion ends on the finding of life’s purpose and the way in which spirituality

can help to guide one through life’s ups and downs.


The second chat “A Conversation on Healing” begins with Feroze’s ‘simple’ question – ‘what is healing’.  Healing can be described as wellness, being in tune with oneself, a way to find the strength and understanding to navigate life with its many ups and downs.  They move on to discuss whether the phrase ‘spiritual healing’ is the best descriptive term as this involves the presence of healing guides from Spirit bringing healing energy to the healer and through him, to the recipient, or whether it should be viewed as being brought about by a universal energy that the healer is trained to tap into.  The conversations turns to the importance of mindfully using breath to bring about improved wellness, the role of the healer within his relationship with the client, the role of healing in bringing the recipient to understand his responsibility for his own wellness and the growing amount of scientific evidence that confirms the power of healing energy to bring about improvements.  Lastly, the discussion turns to how the healers have witnessed positive changes within people during their healing course.


“A Conversation of Meditation” is the last in this series of chats between Craig and Feroze and the discussion majors on the many proven benefits to both body and mind that can be brought about by meditation. It is explained that one

should prepare for meditation by being aware of breathing, being in a quiet place and to put aside worldly resentments and burdens so that one begins a meditation with a quiet mind.  They go on to discuss that one needs to create a set time for meditation and that though it can be for as little as 5 minutes, it should be done regularly.  As one becomes accustomed, meditation can become a really joyful practice.  The discussion touches upon mindfulness and breathing techniques to bring better awareness of our deeper selves and on living in the present so that our reactions are not governed by conditioned responses.  To end, Feroze speaks of the beautiful and beneficial practice of learning to breath direction into the heart.

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If you enjoyed our advice please consider giving us a small donation.

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In June 2019 and January 2020 Feroze Dada, a well known and determined seeker of Spiritual knowledge, interviewed some of the Healers at the Sanctuary to ask about Spiritual Healing and its value in today’s world.

With our deep appreciation Feroze for all your efforts and support.

Interview by Feroze Dada and Craig Rebuck.

“Amazing healing. After two car crashes I have been in pain for almost seven weeks. Not only did the pain go after a healing session, but feel that something has been lifted from my life and for the first time in a long time, feel spiritually happy and refreshed”


Joan Fountain

As we have been adapting The Sylvan Healing Sanctuary to today’s world, we thought that it would be interesting to share some of the evolution of how Healing has matured from a Spiritual based non-religious practice to an acceptance in today’s world of Healing as a sharing of Energy in support of Holistic wellbeing.

We are pleased to include a recently recorded video from one of our four founding Healers, Joan Fountain who at the age of 97 is willing to share some of her experiences.

Journey of the Soul- Part 1.


Joan Fountain is a 96-year-old Spiritual teacher and healer. In this program Feroze Dada talks to this wise lady on the Journey of the Soul …

“I bought my lovely mother to the Sanctuary every week throughout her terminal illness. She and I gained such comfort and strength from those visits without which I don’t think we would have coped. My mother looked forward to coming and it was only here that she found peace”