Invitation to join us as a volunteer healer.

We are always happy to expand our community and actively encourage new facilitators and healers to work with us. If you are working in a related healing or complementary therapy modality and would like to get more involved in the work we do, please get in touch.

There are two ways you can help…

Facilitate and contribute to one of our weekly self-healing and meditation sessions. The subject matter can be anything you feel will be valuable, educational, interesting and supportive for our community. Previous recordings can be found here

We also welcome applications to become one of our healing volunteers, if you have prior training and experience within a similar modality such as Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Cranial Osteopathy or Massage therapies, we would love to hear from you.

We make no charge or payment for these sessions, BUT we do have certain costs for running our charity and so we ask participants to make a donation (Please see our donations page for more details.)

Our goal is to build a body of meditations and reflections that create a high-quality learning resource that participants can use to bring balance to their lives.

We believe healing has to start with the individuals’ willingness to ‘take responsibility’ for themselves and meditation is one of the skills that enables this.

So, please help us to continue to produce and expand this body of work and get in touch if this appeals to you.

Please note the sessions are usually live (via Zoom) and we make recordings that we freely share via our Website Facebook and YouTube.