Frequently Asked Questions

What is the charge for healing?

There is no fee for the appointment but we do ask for a donation if you are able.

You can give whatever you are comfortable with but as a guide £30.00 per 30-minute healing is appropriate.

To donate to Sylvan Healing, please visit our donations page here.

How many treatments will I need?

This is a difficult question to answer as everyone responds to healing differently.

Some experience profound improvements within very few sessions. Others require long-term help, perhaps noticing subtle improvements over many months. People with chronic problems, like back pain, find that they benefit from receiving healing weekly or bi-weekly on an ongoing basis.

If you have concerns about this, speak to your healer; there might be things you can do to aid in the healing and speed up your recovery.

How long does each appointment take?

You will receive an appointment that will be between 20 and 30 minutes. However, we do also work for 50 minutes by discussing with the healer.


Will my information be kept private?


We keep your data and details private and we ask that you sign a GDPR document when you provide your personal details.

We neither share with nor disclose your details to others.

Do I need to do anything myself to support my healing?

There are many things you can do to improve the results and your healer will help you to know what they are. These could include finding time to completely relax your body via deep breathing and meditation and maintaining a more positive attitude. The suggestion could also include taking regular, gentle exercise (if you are well enough) and supporting your body hydration.  These are common sense approaches to improve your well-being.

Can I become a Healer?

If you are reading this question, you probably can.

However, the Sylvan Healing Sanctuary is not offering a training course but our experienced Healers would be willing to discuss and guide you in the right direction. 

Is this a religious organisation?

There is no religious element to our work.

The healers and Sylvan’s clients who visit the sanctuary may have their own religious affiliations or none at all.


Can you promise a cure?

No Healer should ever promise a cure.  Despite the fact that healing can bring about substantial improvements to health and well-being, we all need to accept that illness and death are both part of our life cycle and are inevitable.

Our intention is to help to prevent illness, alleviate pain and suffering and, in cases of terminal illness, help to make the passing a calmer, more accepted and natural experience

What will the healing feel like?
Almost everyone feels relaxed and peaceful during and after their healing. Some people feel a release of tension and emotion and may shed a few tears. Some feel uplifted and experience a great clarity of thought. Many people feel heat, cool or energy from the healer’s hands, often particularly in the areas of the body where their complaints lie.
Can healing be harmful?

No. The healer’s touch will be light – no deep massage or manipulation is used and neither do we prescribe medication. Our aim is to support your mental physical and spiritual wellbeing.

What kind of complaints can be helped by healing?

We have many years of experience and have supported so many different types of Dis-ease. For example, our clients have sought help for cancer and chemotherapy recovery, drug addiction, skeletal, muscular and nerve problems, gut complaints, Parkinson’s disease, gynaecological complaints, headaches, and more.

In recent years we have supported many people with stress-related complaints anxiety, and panic attacks, additionally, we have much experience with bereavement.

Where does my Donation go?

Our Healers offer their service free of charge as a personal choice. Your donation will enable us to cover the running costs of our premises and insurance and to support the promotion of the benefits of Healing.

“I returned to the healing Sanctuary after suffering ME-like symptoms for several months. In the three weeks I have been coming, my symptoms have gone and I feel a lot calmer and happier. I never thought I’d be able to recover so quickly”


“I was diagnosed with emphysema and bronchitis and life became a battle. Then I found the Sanctuary in the strangest way. My weekly visits are joyful. I just had the most wonderful news – that my lungs had improved considerably – quite unheard of”