Welcome to our community of Healers and Practitioners 

The Sylvan Healing Sanctuary is a charitable organisation in London and Online offering transformative energy healing experiences, both in-person and remotely, with a mission to make holistic wellness accessible to all through the use of diverse and effective energy healing tools.

“I bought my lovely mother to the Sanctuary every week throughout her terminal illness. She and I gained such comfort and strength from those visits without which I don’t think we would have coped. My mother looked forward to coming and it was only here that she found peace”





Here at the Sylvan Healing Sanctuary, our aim is to promote, offer and discuss the many aspects of Healing, Energy Healing, Spirituality and Meditation.

We believe there is a role in today’s world where modern medicine, ancient wisdom and healing can come together to create a powerful union, giving you the tools you need to support your own self-healing and transformational journey.

Healing energy, which can also be called Reiki, Qi, Spiritual or Faith Healing, is offered by experienced practitioners who take into account your mental physical and spiritual well-being.

Our approach and ethos are non-judgemental and holistic in nature. We aim to foster a warm and inclusive atmosphere and to offer space and time to find inner peace, well-being and healing.

“When I came to The Sanctuary I was very sceptical. Then I found that my knee, which had hurt for many months, suddenly eased – the pain has gone”