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Joan Fountain was one of the founding members of the Sylvan Healing Sanctuary along with Edith Sampson, Bill Brown and Margaret Scandrett. Each of the founders were committed to bringing healing (supported by their spiritual beliefs), love, upliftment and understanding to all in need. Joan is fondly remembered for her deep faith in Spirit, her wealth of spiritual knowledge, her devotion to healing and prayer, her humility, warmth and laughter.

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Joan’s working life back in the 60’s was as a masseuse in Knightsbridge. From there, her spiritual journey began. She believed that Spirit wished her to bring about changes to the nature of her work. Training to become a healer, Joan learnt that the massage techniques she was so familiar with must give way to what was to become healing touch. Joan also learnt that she was to become an instrument through whom her guides were to channel healing energy. As a keen and dedicated student, Joan soon became an extremely effective healer.

Joan’s healing guide was Doctor Richard Wilson and during her many years at the Sanctuary, Joan not only gave healing but also trained and mentored others to carry out healing both at the Sanctuary and elsewhere. Some of those trained by Joan would begin to take over the work as she became older, thus ensuring that the Sanctuary’s healing work would continue.

As a healing sanctuary, we continue to train and mentor both those who wish to become healers and people who have already trained but who wish to gain experience of working directly with clients. You can find out more on our Becoming a Healer page.



Each time Joan visited the Sanctuary, she opened the morning’s work for the healers present by channelling wonderful prayers and messages. These beautiful messages were not just intended for the healers but for all. They are available on Joan’s website, www.joansprayers.co.uk You can also view the interviews that were conducted with Joan during which she channels further insightful and enlightening words of wisdom – messages from Spirit in the link below.


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