If I were to explain why I love my wife, and give specific attributes that attract me to her, something very interesting can occur. Those same attributes appear in others, and yet without the same reaction of love and affection that they elicit in me in the case of my wife. On paper, there are others like her, but in my experience, she is unique. I can’t explain it.

This is not rare to the human condition. There may well be some complex set of factors at work that make it this way, but that doesn’t matter; what matters is our experience.

If you are struggling with something in your life – a health problem, stress, an injury – I bet it doesn’t matter so much to you why you are struggling, as how you can get some relief from it. If you are searching for the cause, it is mainly because you hope to find relief through identifying the source of the pain. The source itself is less important. Likewise, if something gives you relief, and isn’t harmful, you might not care much how it works, so long as it does.

Healing can be like that.

If you read through the bios on this site, you’ll hear about people whose experiences as receivers of healing were so impactful to their lives that they eventually became healers themselves, devoting years of practice and commitment to sharing the benefits they themselves experienced.

Those Healers are not alone. This is a testimonial from one young person who spent some time at the Sylvan Centre during a difficult time of life.

I’m sixteen now and free of all of the problems to be mentioned, but throughout my childhood I struggled in the process of making friends, and argued constantly with my parents, perhaps as a result of the troubles I was having at school. This led to me feeling constantly anxious.

I found the centre to be a haven, secluded from the outside world and truly calming, alleviating the struggles – temporarily or permanently.

Without sounding clichéd, it is a different experience for each person who comes with different issues and reasons, but the constant is the undeniable benefit that a visit has. The healing is like a massage (a free massage), allowing one to disconnect, relax, and feel better about their problems. While I may not have seen the advantages as a stubborn child, I can see them clearly now, so I would recommend the centre to anyone, again regardless of their reasons or problems.

Finally, please also do not feel ashamed to ask for help, as I was – the ‘healers’ are non-judgemental and keep any conversations confidential, as well as the fact that there is never a reason to feel ashamed; each and every one of us experiences difficult times during our lives which are nothing to feel embarrassment about. To summarise – this is a truly beneficial service, which I would recommend to anyone, regardless of age, gender, race, or reason.            

Anonymous Patient

Regardless of your age, and regardless of your problem, healing can help you to deal with it, in many cases can help to heal it, and can do so in an accepting, non-threatening way. There is no fee for the services (a donation is requested if you are able), and the whole purpose of the centre is to improve the lives of those who come for healing. Risk a little of your time and effort in coming to us, and you may find a source of healing and comfort that you would never have thought existed.