Date and time


Thu, 14 Mar 2024 19:00 – 20:45 GMT


The Sylvan Healing Centre

160A Hoppers Road London N21 3LA




Thursday 14th March 2024. 7 pm- 8.45 pm

Mindfulness (Vipassana meditation)

A chain of Reaction is happening constantly in what we perceive through our five senses: hear, see, smell, touch or taste and our mind cognition.

Allowing the mind not to REACT to sensations enables us to ACT not REACT -we are able to live in equanimity, clarity, and true insight. With Mindfulness.


In the context of promoting self-healing through a mindful approach to one’s physical body, we can delve into the muscles and skeletal systems. By fostering inner awareness and curiosity about the “how and why,” we will explore how self-healing can enhance both mental and physical resilience.

The facilitators:

Feroze Dada is author of “Children of the Revolution” & of “A Disciple”. He is also the founder of The Inle Trust Charity.

Craig Rebuck is a Healer and Feldenkrais Teacher. Working with energetic, emotional and spiritual subjects to support people on their journey. He is a Trustee of two healing charities furthering the benefits of this modality.

Day Retreat- Saturday 24th February 2024

We are also hosting a day retreat of Yoga, Meditation & Healing at The Healing House, N22 8DH. More information and Tickets: