Today we interview Maria Wright-Novakovic.

Maria is a very experienced practitioner offering Biomechanical Emotional Therapy – a combination of her many years of training and practice in a wide variety of disciplines such including soft tissue, visceral, fascial, emotional, energetic work.

Listen as I discover what Biomechanical Emotional Therapy is, how it works and who it can help.

We also discuss how to allow your body to speak and be heard, coming home to your self, energy ‘heat spots’ in healing, ecological Doctors.

As Maria says, “You don’t know what you don’t know so wake up and engage!”

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This is our 56th Podcast episode but the fifth in our series ‘The Healer, The How And The Why’ where we explore energy healers, their journey and how they feel their work is changing the lives of the people they help.

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