In this month’s episode of The Healer, The How and The Why we talk to Sylvia Tillman, practitioner of Jikiden Reiki (Japanese Reiki).

Sylvia treated a lot of people remotely during the Covid Pandemic and was involved in an NHS project that supported medical professionals, using Reiki!

Listen as Sylvia describes her history, why she practises this particular type of Reiki and what it is best used for.

She also tells us about a very left-brained scientist who had a repetitive strain injury by playing too much cello – and his initial reluctance (he was recommended seeing Sylvia) but then his absolute amazement about the pain easing considerably after just one session!

Jikiden Reiki is Japanese energy healing in its purest, most authentic form. It is an energy healing practice that uses the life force energy (qi or chi) that is all around us and part of us. This supportive energy stimulates and accelerates the body’s natural self-healing ability with amazing results.

“I wouldn’t even describe myself as a healer – maybe this comes from my Jikiden Reiki approach to Reiki and healing. The Japanese are very humble and would never call themselves a Reiki Master for example. So, I would describe myself as an enabler who encourages or stimulates my clients’ bodies to activate their self-healing capacities. Also, I’m quite keen on pointing out that Reiki is nothing woo-woo – there’s plenty of research around and … as I always say … the proof is in the pudding. The best feedback for me comes from initially very sceptical clients who are realising, wow, something is happening inside my body and the healing process is being sped up. Nobody needs to believe Reiki can heal, it does its job anyway – and that’s a beautiful fact.”

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This is our 53rd Podcast episode but the fourth in our series ‘The Healer, The How And The Why’ where we explore energy healers, their journey and how they feel their work is changing the lives of the people they help.

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