Funny how life sends the same information in different ways and from completely different directions at the same time, colliding like a shout “LOOK AT THIS”

That’s exactly what happened just recently….and unusually I was listening (this time)

Let me explain, In a new shift in my long-term education (my whole life, its roles and its journey, as in my life’s journey (not to the shops etc))

I was investigating the later parts of the course I have committed to (an MSc in Body Psychotherapy and Body Psychology, mainly to see what else I can learn) I came across the work of a Japanese Psychotherapist called; –

Shona Morita, the founding father of Morita Psychotherapy and their use of the Japanese word Ikigai.

All strange words I know, yet having always been fascinated with Japan its history, culture and skills. I decided to look a little further into this work, I must say more so on the process of Psychotherapy. Yet the word Ikigai kept popping up in the writing and the simplicity of the principle of how the Japanese integrate the word Ikigai into their lives in fact it really is a central part of their lives.
So it’s at this point that I could explain the meaning and the concept of Ikigai and what it could mean to you and for you and how you could integrate this into your lives. Then of course I could suggest that you check it out for yourselves as this in its own way would be part of your learning. ( I know…mean…but if I tell you it won t have the same sense of discovery for you)

Back to the SHOUT OUT, I hadn’t at this point really looked into the word and its deeper meaning, maybe I wasn’t really listening!! Anyway along came my Birthday and one of the presents was a book ( chosen at random by my daughter (totally at random but something she thought I might like ) and without any knowledge of my interest in the above)) it is called Ikigai The Japanese Secret of a Long and Happy Life. (Garcia and Moralles)

I know that she didn’t have an awareness of my interest because I asked!! She thought I would be interested and was blown away ( so was I ) by the Serendipity of the event. Here it is the same word and experience pop up right in front of me and from two different and unconnected ( except me!!) places….within days!!!

So naturally I had to listen and read the book, short and easy and would really suggest the book for you to pick out some interesting points of learning.

It then brings even more into focus the course that I will be running from late September entitled “ Energy Balancing Therapy” a short course on restoring and harmonising the flow of energy in the body to promote physical mental and emotional well-being.

I have long been looking at flow and the relationship of the integration of mind, body and spirit. The shout-out is that there are long and short processes to learning to take care of yourself. Look into Ikigai and Morita Therapy or even wait until you are ready to explore your needs. You could if you want join the short course and learn the 10 tools that could help you to find inner balance.

When I started writing this I hadn’t intended this to be a sell but much more of how our world is working and if you are reading this, not a coincidence, you have an interest, you are tuned in and somehow you have found yourself curious.

Our emotional and intuitive world is becoming louder and louder, and having spent so many years (34 to be precise) learning and listening, I think I can assist you with your awareness and learning, so I look forward to meeting you sometime.