How to meditate, heal yourself and more.

How to meditate, heal yourself and more.

Feroze Dada, meditation teacher, and Craig Rebuck, energy healer discuss the methods and benefits of healing and meditation that you can do for yourself 🙂

Healing Awareness Week – What’s it all about?

Healing Awareness Week is dedicated to promoting Healing and Wellness for all; a week filled with ideas and information to help everyone achieve a more positive and healthy lifestyle.

Everyone is welcome to get involved; whether you’re a healer, someone who has benefited from Healing, or just interested in finding out more:

 Craig: “I learned to be with the energy that is channelled through a healer, whilst at the same time supporting and being with people experiencing complex and often life-threatening illnesses. These people would come to the healing centre in search of their own answers to where they were in life. It has been an amazing journey to be part of the constantly evolving and deeply humbling work that takes place at the centre, and I feel privileged to be able to be a constant support to so many people.”

Feroze: “When I was researching for my book “The Disciple” on Spirituality, I asked Craig, after a beautiful healing session from him, if he would educate me on healing. The team at the Sanctuary opened every door for me and the result has been a whirlwind journey from the book to the production of several YouTube videos where I chat with Joan Fountain, one of the founders of the Sanctuary, and also a documentary on the work of The Sanctuary. My journey of discovery has led me to give service at the Sanctuary where I am also available to teach Spiritual Meditation.”