Healing Awareness Week 2023

Healing Awareness Week 2023

Healing Awareness Week is dedicated to promoting Healing and Wellness for all; a week filled with ideas and information to help everyone achieve a more positive and healthy lifestyle.

Healing Awareness Week is on Monday 1st to Sunday 7th May 2023

Everyone is welcome to get involved; whether you’re a healer, someone who has benefited from Healing, or just interested in finding out more.

Funds raised during Healing Awareness Week help us to raise awareness of the benefits of Healing and its positive effect on wellbeing.

Sylvan Healing is, of course, involved in helping raise awareness of healing and its benefits. We will be participating in healing awareness week by giving a talk and demonstrations: ‘Healing, meditation and breath-work (talk and practical session)’.

We invite you to join our one-hour session which is to include a talk about Healing, meditation and breath work, as well as a group meditation and healing session.

An informative talk about healing, meditation and breath-work and the work we have been doing at the Sanctuary for over three decades!

We will conclude with our highly experienced healers taking everyone through a beautiful meditation and a group healing as our gift to you all.

Tuesday 2nd May from 7 pm to 8 pm.


Healing Awareness Week is supported by the Healing Forum, a collaborative group of organisations dedicated to wellness for all through a network of healing practitioners trained to the highest standards and following a robust code of conduct.

You can also join in for The Big Heal every evening of the week:


You can find out more and see all the events during Healing Awareness Week Here:



News from Sylvan Healing

News from Sylvan Healing

June 2020

Cheryl and I, as Sylvan Trustees, have been working really hard behind the scenes both to change and enhance the way we work and to enable us to continue to bring healing to you.

What an unbelievable roller coaster we have been on over the last 3 months – so much anxiety and worry but, happily, we have all survived and found ways to cope. After what has been happening in the world, I’m sure we are each different in our outlook, how we see ourselves, family and friends and how we have managed through this time.

For myself, having spent quite some time working with many of you via Zoom, I can say that the levels of anxiety that I experienced from people in the first few weeks has definitely settled and I see that this time and space has afforded us all an opportunity to re-evaluate what we want for ourselves and, dare I say, for our lives.

We have recently launched our new website: www.sylvanhealing.org It is by no means finished and I am sure that there will be changes, updates and improvements as we go along. Please feel free to give us your opinions. We are happy to receive critical thoughts as well as good ones as they can be really helpful!!

We will be making available in the next week or so an online booking system so that you can see who is available and at what times individual healers are available either by a telephone (WhatsApp or phone) link or Zoom. When it’s up and running we will send another message to let you know and explain how to use the system.

We will reevaluate restarting contact work at the Sanctuary at the beginning of September. However, as it is highly likely that we will not be back in situ until the early part of next year, please be patient as it’s clearly of paramount importance that we keep both you and our healers safe.

I must say that healing by Zoom, WhatsApp and also telephone has been different but proved to be really effective. Despite the absence of the warmth of human contact, all the healers agree that healing in this way certainly brings something new to the process. 

For those of you who have not yet experienced our guided meditations, you are welcome to join us on Thursdays. The first is at 5pm and the second at 9pm. These offer healing in a different way and have proved to have great value to relieve anxiety and bring a deep inner calm.

If you would like to give them a try, you can sign up to receive your invitation to join the session by adding your email on our website here:  


We have also just launched our Facebook Page and we’d love it if you could connect with us there by liking the page: https://www.facebook.com/SylvanHealing/ Feel free to share it with anyone you feel would be interested in Sylvan. 

We’ll be sending newsletters from time to time on topics many and various but relating to healing and well being.  If you have any specific interests or queries that you would like us to consider via a newsletter, do please feel free to contact us

If you would like to subscribe, we have a subscription form on the homepage and if you decide at any point that you would prefer not to receive our newsletters,  you can unsubscribe by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ button at the bottom of the emails.

Finally, I would like to say thank you for your trust in us, for your support and for your interest in our work. 

Craig and the team at Sylvan